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Mission Statement

We are called by God to reach out

and share the love of Christ.

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Our Windows Speak to the Worshipper [Click to see our windows]

The stained-glass windows in the nave of Holy Communion's church building, which was completed in 1990, were individually designed and crafted to speak a message to the worshipper. The building committee chose Holy Communion, the name of the congregation, as the theme for the Rose Window centered above the altar. The side windows symbolize the first half of the church year, the 'Time of Our Lord.'

Holy Communion's developer and original pastor, The Reverend Albert 'Gus' Weber, suggested the message and symbols for each window. The seasons and times in this half year of Our Lord are: Advent, Christmas, Epiphany Lent, Holy Week, and Easter. Each window's message is achieved by using individual pieces of glass, or facets-each about an inch and a quarter thick-set in a design pattern within a frame. Epoxy resin having the appearance of mortar was poured around the pieces and left to harden and cure. The windows are the work of Shenandoah Studios of Stained Glass, Inc., of Front Royal, Virginia.

Who We Are

We are a community of Christians who believe that Jesus Christ is the unique Son of God and has given his life for ours. We began in 1983 as a Mission Congregation; in 2008 we celebrated our 25th anniversary! Still a relatively young church, we are vigorous, eager, and growing. We presently have a membership of about 400 folks and average about 130 people in worship on Sunday at our two services. We have Bible studies, discussion groups, charitable and social activities, youth programs, a mostly retired Lovin Life Seniorsfellowship, and an active choir and music program. Our services include one traditional and one contemporary on Sunday mornings.

Statement of Faith

We believe we have been saved by Jesus and been granted the gift of eternal life by Him. We understand that the Bible contains the Word of God and that Jesus Christ, his life, death for us and his resurrection is the key to unlocking the meaning of all scripture. To us, God's most important work is redeeming us in Christ. Everything else in scripture is commentary about this event. Jesus is Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. We believe that Jesus is divine like God, yet human like us. Therefore prayer to and in the name of this Jesus makes sense because Jesus, who is still very human, understands our weaknesses, fears and temptations. We believe that we are called to be servant people who follow Jesus and help the poor, the weak and the outcast in the name of him, who told us to serve "even the least of these my brothers and sisters."

Our Pastor and Staff

Our Pastor

The Rev. Chasity L. Wiener

Our Pastor is Chasity L. Wiener (AKA "Pastor Chas"). Pastor Chas has served in our congregation since 2009 in a variety of roles, including our very first vicar/intern. After the completion of her academic requirements at the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg in January 2015, we extended a call to her as our Associate Pastor beginning February 1, 2015. In December 2015, we called her as our Pastor. Since her arrival in 2009, she has instrumental in engaging adults and youth in local service opportunities that promote the community and outreach. She spends her week preparing for sermons and Bible studies, writing prayers, providing pastoral care, as well as incorporating activities to enhance the congregation’s spiritual life.

That’s the easy part, though.

Her primary role as a mom always wins (although there are certainly some occupational hazards with this responsibility!). Pastor Chas has a 10-year old daughter (who is going on 19) named Haleigh and a 4-year old preschooler named Delaney. Between the two, her husband and she find solitude in sharing a nice glass of wine when the kiddos go to bed. Their household runs on a lot of caffeine, grace, and hugs... her husband, Phil would add, "nagging," but they differ on that opinion. Chas and Phil have been married for nearly 15 years and live in Fallston, Maryland.

Our Staff

The Rev. Dick Kiesling

Pastorial Associate

Pastor Richard "Dick" Kiesling has been an ordained Lutheran minister for over 54 years and currently serves as our part-time Pastoral Associate. When he is not preaching or visiting our homebound members, he enjoys wood carving and woodworking. He is married to Elfriede. Pastor Dick’s every day peace and hope are centered on the salvation that our good and gracious God gives through the life, death, and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Penny Sadler-Vocke

Youth Leader

Penny Sadler-Vocke is serving as our Youth Leader to guide our young people's faith journey within our growing youth ministries. Penny and her family transferred here to HCLC about 5 years ago from St. Peter Lutheran Church Eastpoint where she was a volunteer youth leader for middle School, senior high, and young adult ministry. Penny has several years' experience as a Sunday school teacher for various ages from elementary through high School and has also spent several years and as a conformation guide. Both here at HCLC and in her prior congregation, Penny has been instrumental in the creation and implementation of a Child Safety Screening program. She was also part of the reformation team for the Delaware/Maryland Synod Child Safety Policy. Penny is also a graduate of the Youth and Family Ministry Certification program at Gettysburg Seminary. During her time here at HCLC, Penny has been responsible for the facilitation of the Friday Night Faith 4-6th grade Youth group and has assisted the last several years in the 30 Hour Famine Weekend experience. She comes to us a very blessed mother of three, who has enjoyed walking with her children and many others in their faith journey. She joins us in this new role as a passionate and faithful servant who shares the gifts that God has blessed her so that she may help lead young people and their families to where God is calling them in their lives.

Joan Cole

Choir Director and Organist

Joan Cole has served Holy Communion for 32 years as our organist and choir director. She has led Adult Choir, Youth Choir, Bible School and Sunday School in the musical joy of God’s church. She likes to engage the adult choir by worshipping at other churches for special services, as a witness to a larger unity of Christ’s body.

In her leisure time, she and husband Charles enjoy working in their woodland garden, reading and listening to Celtic music and playing with their Russian wolfhounds.

Carolyn Luce

Contemporary Music Director

Carolyn Luce is serving as the Contemporary Music Director to provide worship and praise leadership at the 10:15 am Service. She and her family moved to Maryland in 2014 when her husband accepted a call as Pastor at St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Aberdeen. For 15 years at their previous congregation, she had the opportunity to develop and grow a Contemporary worship service, helping them grow as followers of Jesus in new and meaningful ways through worship and music. Following the encouragement of the Apostle Paul to "use the gifts that God has given us to build up the Body of Christ," she is stepping out in faith to continue that ministry here at Holy Communion.

In addition to her worship and music position, she is a Project Manager at a clinical supplies manufacturing company which brings new medicines to market. But most importantly she has a wonderful family with her husband and two sons, one of whom is in college to study biology and the other attends middle school and loves making videos for both school and church activities.

You will see that Carolyn enjoys the Bible verse "make a joyful noise to the Lord" as together we lift our praises in word and song!


Arlene Hildebrandt

Ron Mickley

Kelly Clavell

Fred Hildebrandt
Appointed Treasurer

Bruce Amrein

Bertha Deck

Dave Frieman

Marcia Mickley

Debbie Mueller

Doug Mueller

Jon Perkins

Eric Thompson

The Rev. Chasity L. Wiener
Ex Officio Member

Our Pastor Emeritus

Pastor John Burk served our community for ten years (2006-2016) until he retired on January 31, 2016. Under his leadership, our community grew in size and in faith. Our beloved Pastor John continues to be an advocate for both the Chesapeake Bay and environmental conservation, which is evident by his legacy that he left on our beautiful campus: our congregation planted 91 trees to reduce our carbon footprint. Because his ministry will continue to give life to our congregation long after his retirement, we conferred this honorary title of Pastor Emeritus in appreciation to his service to both Word and Sacrament.

The Rev. Dr. John K. Burk

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