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Visitors are always welcome at Holy Communion!

Answers to common questions about worshiping with us

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What is a service like?

All worship services at Holy Communion have music and a message. We gather to worship God in music and to receive the message of the Good News about Jesus. We celebrate communion every Sunday. Our 8:30 am service is traditional with more liturgy and hymns. If you want something that has more modern music and is a bit more casual, the 10:15 am contemporary service is for you. Each service lasts about one hour.

Is the church handicapped accessible?

Yes. We have a single-level and no-steps building with nearby parking. People using wheel chairs, walkers and canes worship with us regularly. We also have hearing assistance devices at the ushers stand in our vestibule/narthex. Please ask the usher for one.

Are children welcome at all services?

Children are always welcome. They may sit with you in the sanctuary, or if you prefer more privacy we have rocking chairs in our vestibule and a nursery room with toys. You can hear the service in both locations. Preschool and elementary school aged children are also welcome to attend our Sunday School, which is held during the 10:15 service. We love children and want them to be a part of our church family.

Can visitors receive the sacrament of Holy Communion?

Our Lutheran Church has an open table for Holy Communion. If you have been baptized we encourage you to come to the communion table. Communion at our church is served by intinction. The communion bread can be dipped into either the silver chalice of wine or ceramic chalice of grape juice. Gluten free wafers are also available; please ask.

Are gays and lesbians welcome at Holy Communion Lutheran Church?

Absolutely! We welcome all people into the body of Christ. We believe that Jesus is Lord of all people and all nations; that we are all a part of the body of Christ.

Does Holy Communion acknowledge the presence of visitors?

While you will be welcomed, we also respect your privacy. People sometimes come as visitors and prefer to keep a 'low profile' on their first visit. We have more than 400 members and very few of us know everyone's name. We definitely want you to participate and be a part of the body of Christ here, but our invitation is a gracious and gentle one. At every service the Pastor or the worship leader greets the congregation and extends a welcome "to any visitors who may be among us."

What do people wear to worship?

Most people come dressed as they would for work or school. At the 8:30 'traditional' service more tend to wear coats and ties and dresses than at the 10:15 'contemporary' service, but any dress appropriate in public places is welcome. On Christmas and Easter people tend to dress a bit more formally, but do not let dress be a barrier to joining us. We want you here.

If I come and want a follow up visit what do I do?

There will be a yellow attendance slip in the worship brochure (bulletin) which is handed to you as you enter. Please fill it out and check the 'Would like a visit' box. Give the yellow slip to an usher, put it in the offering plate, or give it to the Pastor. We will follow through.

Can I get on the mailing list to receive announcements and newsletters?

Send an email to holycommunionlc@comcast.net and request to be included. We communicate electronically very efficiently.

Am I welcome if I am not baptized and have very little knowledge of the Christian faith?

We welcome drop-ins whether they are actively seeking a church or merely curious. We don't pressure, but we try to answer any questions you choose to ask. We are a faith community, and we are available if you want us to help you to find Jesus Christ, whom we believe to be truly human yet truly God. You are welcome to call our Pastor at 443-299-6134 and set up a time to talk. Our staff regularly takes people out to lunch or makes home visits to acquaint people with the faith. Be forewarned: We can be habit-forming. Many members of Holy Communion started as visitors with no connection with any other person in the congregation.

Have more questions?

Call us: (443) 299-6134 (leave a message) or e-mail us at HolyCommunionLC <at> comcast.net  

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